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Welcome to Dream Chase Media! We are a multimedia company that believes in the power of storytelling. Our mission is to help you tell the stories of the impact you intend to, or are currently making on the world. We ensure our approach is unique by focusing on the cultural influence, creative thought, and community strength behind your work.

We see ourselves as champions of your story who embrace collaboration to bring projects to life. We are always looking for ways to push boundaries, and our ultimate goal is to help you inspire audiences around the globe.

Let’s work together to craft stories that are filled with hope and possibility.



Our interactive theory of change models, or “impact models” as we sometimes call them, are a unique and engaging way to present information to audiences who visit your page. Interactive graphics are excellent for making complex information easy to understand, displaying sequential relationships between each aspect of your work, and allowing audiences to explore information such as testimonies, statistics, and strategies via animations, photos, videos, audio, and text.


The possibilities are endless in producing a short documentary. We collaborate with clients to develop a storytelling strategy, so there is no need to struggle with not knowing where to start. We will help you decide which stories to uplift, who to include, formulate interview questions, prepare interviewees, and craft a compelling call to action. Our short documentaries can help nonprofits raise money, speakers book engagements, businesses attract customers, and help advocates change hearts and minds.



We believe all organizations, whether nonprofit, business, or public agency, should have a clearly articulated and distinct mission statement, vision statement, and values statement. However, it’s a difficult task to craft something that is concise yet adequately captures the breadth and depth of an organization. Too often, organizations either create an overly-wordy statement that leaves audiences still asking themselves, “But what exactly do they do?”, or create statements that are so vague they leave audiences asking the same question. We help organizations by uncovering a macro-view of their work, intent, and impact, and take on the task of wordsmithing so all that’s left for them to do is provide feedback and approve.